A Model’s Take on the Politics of Photoshop

Published: GirlieGirlArmy (July 21, 2014)

co-author: Liskula Cohen

It’s interesting that Photoshop has developed such a poor reputation.  Over the past week it has already made national news twice – first in a controversy over whether InStyle Magazine excessively altered Zooey Deschanel’s appearance for their cover, and now thanks to a series of Bongo ads featuring Vanessa Hudgens which go out of their way to promote that they don’t use Photoshop. Both stories have a common theme: Photoshop is cast as a villain, exacerbating female body image issues and revealing a core inauthenticity in our popular culture. (Editors note: Colby Caillat also making an anti-photoshop stance in her newest video below);
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How I Respond To The Court That Just Struck Down A Historic Cyberbullying Law

Published: Mic (July 3, 2014)

co-author: Liskula Cohen

On Tuesday, New York’s highest court struck down an Albany County law that would have made it a crime to “cyber-bully.” As a trailblazer in fighting for the rights of cyberbullying victims, you might think that I’d oppose the court’s decision. Unfortunately, the judicial system did what was necessary – overturn a badly-written law that did a poor job of addressing an all-too-real problem.

According to the recently nullified statute, county residents could have been prosecuted for “any act of communicating … by mechanical or electronic means” – from posting hostile statements on message boards and sharing embarrassing photographs to spreading private information and sending hate mail – “with the intent to harass, annoy, threaten, abuse, taunt, intimidate, torment, humiliate, or otherwise inflict significant emotional harm on another person.” As the court succinctly put it, “the First Amendment protects annoying and embarrassing speech” and “forbids the government from deciding whether protected speech qualifies as ‘legitimate.’” read more