How Donald Trump would destroy America (and possibly the world)

Published: The Good Men Project (May 19, 2016)

America is in a “boy who cried wolf” situation right now. We’ve grown so accustomed to comparing our presidents with tyrants, or insisting that a candidate’s ascent to power will result in calamity, that even those of us who see an actual wolf in our midst aren’t being taken seriously. The people voting for Donald Trump are well aware of our concerns but – having grown jaded to polemical hyperbole – aren’t able to recognize that the threat is real this time. read more

Anyone else worried about snowless December?

Published: The Good Men Project (December 26, 2015)

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for 18 years and, despite the state’s frosty winter reputation, this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed a snowless December.

My personal observations aside, this has been a big month for global warming. On December 12, nearly two hundred countries signed an agreement in Paris that will help bring global warming under control. Less than two weeks later, a controversial article in an academic journal called Nature Climate Change warned that unless global warming is curbed, 72 percent of needleleaf evergreens in the Southwest will be wiped out. On a less contentious (but more apocalyptic) note, the head of the World Meteorological Society pointed out that our warming climate will thrust 1.2 billion people into ‘water scarce’ areas by 2025, mainly in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In an ominous foreshadowing of what may come, Arctic temperatures were the highest on record in 2015. read more

An Interview With the Respectful Revolution

Published: Good Men Project (June 11, 2015)

Can a little respect make a difference? The Respectful Revolution believes it makes all the difference.

The term “respectful revolution” may sound like a contradiction, but the site is quite real indeed … and it is already making waves.

“I’ve always resented meanness and wastefulness a great deal,” explained Gerard Ungerman in an interview with The Good Men Project. “I’ve witnessed a lot of that in the military, then covering wars around the world during a decade of doc filmmaking.” As a way of countering this, Ungerman joined Stacey Wear to create Respectful Revolution, which captures short video portraits of people causing positive change from around the world. read more

7 times Bernie Sanders broke the Internet

Published: Daily Dot (May 19, 2015), Salon (May 23, 2015)

Say what you will about the presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), but if nothing else, it has certainly introduced some interesting ideas into America’s political debate. Considering that the most recent polls show Hillary Clinton with a nearly five-to-one lead over her nearest rival, this can only be viewed as a positive thing.

As Reddit’s favorite politician, Bernie Sanders has enormous influence on our political discourse, and his recent policies have been making huge headlines on the Internet. Here are seven ways in which our national discussion on a wide range of issues could be transformed by the Sanders campaign. read more

5 reasons America needs to support water policy reform

Published: Daily Dot (May 8, 2015)

Right now, more than a billion people live without access to fresh water. When the number is expanded to include those who spend at least one month out of the year without fresh water, it comprises more than one-third of the world population. Even though water covers 71 percent of our planet’s surface, very little of it can be used by humans.

“More than 97 percent of the world’s water is too salty to drink. Another 2 percent is locked up in ice caps and glaciers,” explains National Geographic. “Less than 1 percent is left for drinking, agriculture, industry, and nature.” read more

Why It’s Ethically Wrong Not to Recognize Man-Made Climate Change

Published: Good Men Project (February 5, 2015)

Matthew Rozsa reminds us that man-made global warming is a fact, and we as a species need to grow up and take responsibility.


The Paris climate summit is showing the early signs of failure. “2C is an objective,” insisted Miguel Arias Canete, the European Union’s climate chief, referencing the dangerous threshold of having the average global temperature increase by more than 2 degree Celsius by the end of the century. “If we have an ongoing process you can not say it is a failure if the mitigration commitments do not reach 2C.”

While I understand that Canete has a tough job, I politely beg to differ. read more

How GOP obstructionism empowered the presidency

Published: MSNBC (January 11, 2015)

Listening to Rep. Louis Gohmert’s (R-TX) revanchist logic for his failed bid to oust John Boehner as speaker of the House earlier this month, you’d think the tea party wing of the Republican Party had been working with President Obama. “[We’ll] fight amnesty tooth and nail. We’ll use the powers of the purse,” Gohmert vowed in an interview with Fox News during which he repeatedly associated Boehner with Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. “We’ll have better oversight. We’ll fight to defund ObamaCare.” read more

7 things Americans think are more plausible than global warming

Published: Daily Dot (December 18, 2014), Salon (December 20, 2014)

Seventy-seven percent of the country believe in angels. Only 40 percent concede climate change is a reality

In a video that went viral this week, Bill O’Reilly has spoken, not only for himself but (generously) for the rest of America: “It’s easier to believe in a benevolent God and the baby Jesus than it is about some kind of theory about global warming. It’s just easier!”

Is he right? Roughly 73 percent of Americans believe Jesus was born of a virgin, while only 61 percent believe the Earth’s temperature has been warming. Even worse, only 40 percent of the Americans who concede that climate change is happening will admit that it’s primarily due to man-made activity. read more