Sick, hot world: Climate change favors disease vectors, threatening to unleash more pandemics

Global heating has so profoundly altered our planet that some experts argue it’s no longer about a changing climate and instead about a changed climate. In other words, the hotter world, more chaotic world predicted by climate scientists is part of our present, not just our future. And those changes extend beyond rising sea levels and heat waves to how diseases spread and impact society....

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Swiss seniors win first-ever human-rights case on climate change

A group of elderly Swiss women made history on Tuesday when they became the first plaintiffs to win a climate-related victory in the European Court of Human Rights.

Representing a group of more than 2,000 individuals known as KlimaSeniorinnen — a Swiss German shorthand term for “Senior Women for Climate Protection” — the women successfully argued that because of their age and sex, they cannot leave their homes during heat waves without suffering health attacks. ...

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“Record-shattering” heat wave in Antarctica — yep, climate change is the culprit

As climate change continues to increase global temperatures, scientists are focusing on the most sparsely populated continent in the world: Antarctica. The largely frozen southern continent has immense amounts of land ice that is gradually melting, causing sea levels to rise all over the world. A recent study revealed the so-called “doomsday” glacier, actually called Thwaites Glacier, began to lose large amounts of ice in the 1940s and is still melting today....

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Why the price of chocolate exploded: How climate change drives inflation

When you blend raw cocoa with sugar, it yields one of the most universally desired products on the planet, whether as part of a candy bar at the corner store or a high-end artisanal chocolate at a price point many times higher. But there’s a problem: The cocoa beans indispensable to making real chocolate have become increasingly expensive, with the price rising by 136% between July 2022 and February 2024....

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