My Biggest Pet Peeve: The Freeze Out

Published: The Good Men Project (March 1, 2016) I know I've tackled this subject before, and that article proved to be one of my least successful for this site. Nevertheless, every so often a writer needs to discuss what's on his mind even if his audience doesn't much...

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When did incompetence become okay?

Published: The Good Men Project (January 26, 2016) Have we decided, as a society, that professional incompetence is something we must tolerate? Indeed, dare I say, that it is even acceptable? This isn’t an entirely rhetorical question. Most people are happy to pay lip...

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The Work I Dread

Published: The Good Men Project (October 6, 2015) Despite my fear of sounding self-pitying, I want to tell you about my strange relationship with work. It will make me feel better and might help a few of my readers. I'm a chronic workaholic. As I write this, I am a...

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