Latest Presidential Polls 2012: Data Shows the Romney 47 Percent Comment Has Taken Serious Toll

Published: PolicyMic (September 26, 2012) Up until now, debate on the political impact of Mitt Romney's "47%" comments has been entirely speculative. That is no longer the case. According to recently released New York Times/CBS/Quinnipiac surveys — the first major...

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Obama vs. Romney: Mitt Romney 47 Percent Gaffe Proves He is Too Conservative to Be President

Published: PolicyMic (September 23, 2012) Conventional political wisdom states that, to become president, you must first acquire your party's nomination by pandering to its radical base. After that, you win the general election by moving back to the ideological...

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Romney 47 Percent Hot Mic Comments: This Proves Just How Wrong He Is For The American Presidency

Published: PolicyMic (September 18, 2012) Secret video recordings of comments made by Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser are so appalling that it's hard to figure out where to even begin analyzing them. I guess the best way is to look at the three main parts. First...

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