Colorado teen kills self as sign of Nazi allegiance: “I have crippling depression but I shall cure it by killing Jews”

Published: Salon (October 17, 2016) The suicide of a Colorado teenager has been linked to a Nazi-themed Facebook group that the young man apparently led. The teenager apparently believed that killing himself would “show his allegiance to the Nazi Party and the...

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Mike Pence, a heartbeat away from the presidency? Now that’s frightening

Published: Salon (September 22, 2016) Why isn’t Mike Pence a major issue in this campaign? In any other election, Pence would be to a Republican presidential nominee what Sarah Palin was to John McCain back in 2008 — that is, an extreme right-winger whose presence on...

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Trump isn’t Goldwater… He might win.

Published: Salon (July 2, 2016), The Good Men Project (June 28, 2016) Back in March, I observed that Donald Trump had transformed the Republican Party in a similar way as Barry Goldwater. For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, Goldwater was a plucky...

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