“It’s Always Sunny” gang goes to hell: The long-running “Seinfeld” heir skewers rape culture, homophobia and religious hypocrisy in two-part finale

Published: Salon (March 8, 2016) If we live in the golden age of television, the FXX comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is one of the underappreciated gems. Often billed as “Seinfeld on crack,” the show has a distinct comic sensibility of its own, cynically...

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Why Bernie Sanders’ Judaism is so important

Published: Salon (February 11, 2016) With his New Hampshire primary victory now in the books, Bernie Sanders has done more than simply guarantee that Hillary Clinton won’t have a free ride to the Democratic nomination. Indeed, even if Clinton ultimately bests Sanders...

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Is God One of Us?

Published: The Good Men Project (October 24, 2015) It's somewhat amazing that, despite having written more than 400 articles in the past four years, I've never really touched on my religious beliefs. My Asperger's Syndrome and depression, romantic relationships and...

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