This is what the world will look like in 100 years if we do nothing to stop climate change

Aside from its meteorological effects, climate change is also wreaking havoc on our minds: Younger generations are bitterly denouncing their elders in climate protests and mental illnesses are spreading as people feel powerless to avert catastrophe. 

“The floods and fires, droughts and lethal heatwaves we are experiencing today will become much more common and more severe.”


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What happens when we run out of water? Thanks to climate change, a dystopian premise is coming true

Arguably the most important question for humanity in the 21st century is how we will adapt to climate change. While climate change is a multifaceted problem that is going to wreak all kinds of havoc on Earth and its life, humans will inevitably need to focus on preserving resources that are most fundamental to sustaining us....

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Big Ag doesn’t want you to know about the connection between cancer and this common herbicide

It’s a tale of corporate malfeasance as old as time: corporation discovers herbicide. Corporation markets herbicide. Corporation discovers herbicide does far more than kill weeds, but attacks critics and whistleblowers ad nauseum to sweep it under the rug. 

This, according to Dr. Chadi Nabhan, is the story of glyphosate, an herbicide often marketed under the name Roundup and sold by the quart in hardware and lawn stores across the United States....

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