“Like a milky orange juice”: Alaskan rivers turning orange due to climate change, study finds

In Alaska, dozens of the state’s rivers are turning orange and climate change seems to be to blame.

According to a recent study published in the journal Communications Earth & Environment, iron and other toxic metals are leaching into the water supply for 75 streams in Alaska’s Brooks Range. The scientists used remote sensing to determine that these substances began entering the river systems within the last 10 years, corresponding with a period when climate change caused increased warming and snowfall....

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Seagulls are moving more into urban areas — risking an outbreak of bird flu

This won’t surprise most people, but seagulls didn’t evolve to eat your french fries. They typically eat what’s around the ocean, whether it’s fish, molluscs or small mammals. Nonetheless, human wastefulness and urban expansion are providing ample food sources for these birds, which is seeming to significantly change their behavior, specifically where they prefer to live....

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