Show of paws: Do dogs understand the hand-stacking TikTok trend?

Not every trend on TikTok is as horrific or annoying as drinking borax or pranking strangers — some memes are downright heartwarming. Take the so-called “hands in” challenge in which humans sit in a circle next to their dogs (and sometimes cats) and place their hands on top of each other, similar to how players on a sports team might initiate a “Go team!”...

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Do animals feel shame or are they faking it? An expert unmasks what dogs and cats may really feel

Whether you’re a fan of dogs or not, chances are you’ve seen “dog shaming” online. It is the meme-able, viral trend of photographing one’s dog next to handwritten signs in which the pups “confess” to their real-life misdeeds. Such canine crimes include barking too loudly, biting strangers, eating remote controls, stealing cookies from children and peeing on a Virgin Mary statue....

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What dogs do when humans are not around, according to experts

The human-dog bond is ancient: we have co-evolved together since before writing even existed. Our long cohabitation with dogs has granted both species a unique insight into the other’s feelings: dogs, for instance, know when you are looking into their eyes, unlike wolves and other animals. And, dogs can understand human language to some extent: one “Guiness”-worthy dog knows over 1,000 nouns. ...

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