Hundreds of mink set loose in Pennsylvania, posing a potential public health threat

Hundreds of farmed mink are wandering through central Pennsylvania after escaping from a nearby fur farm, according to Pennsylvania State Police. Ever since, the escaped mink have been spotted everywhere in the region of Rockefeller Township: In the woods, on the road and under buildings. Local authorities originally claimed that between 6,000 and 8,000 mink escaped, but later revised their estimate....

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Crabs are intelligent, sensitive animals — and some scientists wish we didn’t boil them alive

From the “Little Mermaid” character Sebastian to pet hermit crabs, people think crabs are wonderful — but some experts believe the way we treat crabs is downright barbaric.

“If crustaceans screamed when they were dropped into boiling water, I doubt we’d still be having these kinds of discussions.”

Like many other decapods (the class that also includes lobsters, shrimp, crayfish and prawns), crabs are a popular food item....

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Is it ethical to eat octopuses? An acclaimed octopus expert and marine biologist weighs in

Whether grilled, on sushin or mixed into stir fry or ceviche, there are many ways to consume octopus. But given their well-known, almost human-like intelligence, it begs the question: is it ethical to eat eight-legged cephalopods?

“You can’t draw a sharp line of saying, ‘Well, I would eat a clam, but I never eat an octopus, and neither should anyone else,’ because there’s a continuum there.”


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Abe Lincoln, pig torturer? While he admitted to incredible cruelty, the answer isn’t that simple

Abraham Lincoln referred to it as “the ludicrous incident of sewing up the hogs eyes.”

“As a youngster he shot a wild turkey and was so disgusted he claimed he never again raised a weapon to kill an animal.”

The story comes from a short autobiography that the future president co-authored for his 1860 election campaign....

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This liberal president picked up his dog by the ears — and it outraged animal rights activists

President Lyndon B. Johnson is one of American history’s most enigmatic figures. Although he is rightly criticized for bungling the Vietnam War, he was also one of the most productive progressives to ever inhabit the White House. Thanks to his knack for parliamentary maneuvering, Johnson passed some of the most important liberal legislation in American history: the landmark civil rights laws of the 1960s, Medicare, Medicaid, consumer protections, federal funding to education and the arts and protecting the environment....

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