Rage against machine learning: Lessons from the Luddites in an era of exploitative technology

The dictionary definition of “Luddite” broadly refers to “one who is opposed to especially technological change.” Although the dictionary also mentions that Luddites were a real 19th Century movement, this is not the main way in which people use the term. If a person is a Luddite in the modern age, that supposedly means they are a hard-headed reactionary irrationally frightened by technology....

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Deepfake videos are so convincing — and so easy to make — that they pose a political threat

No one wants to be falsely accused of saying or doing something that will destroy their reputation. Even more nightmarish is a scenario where, despite being innocent, the fabricated “evidence” against a person is so convincing that they are unable to save themselves. Yet thanks to a rapidly advancing type of artificial intelligence (AI) known as “deepfake” technology, our near-future society will be one where everyone is at great risk of having exactly that nightmare come true....

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