Autism is not “demonic” or a mistake, despite what some Christian pundits claim

Growing up as an autistic teenager in the early noughties, I often struggled with the prejudices of the people around me. When I obsessed over specific interests, failed to make eye contact and was socially awkward, I would be told that there was something “wrong” with me. For a long time, I internalized these assessments; it was not until I learned about the concept of neurodiversity that my self-esteem improved....

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Marijuana can often help with autism symptoms, but it’s complicated. A new study indicates why

Autistic people who smoke marijuana often report having positive experiences. Yet their anecdotal evidence does not in and of itself prove that marijuana is an effective drug for treating autistic symptoms. To help fill that void, a recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry examined 20 patients with autistic symptoms who had been treated with full-spectrum cannabis extracts (FCEs)....

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Neurotypicals: What makes them tick, and how can autistic people better understand them?

Speaking with Salon last month, autistic comedian Fern Brady decided to put neurotypicals on blast.

For the uninitiated: A neurotypical is a person who does not display autistic or other neurologically atypical behaviors. Traditionally, when commentary is made about autism, neurotypicals are the humorists, and neurodivergent people (those on the autism spectrum) are the targets....

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Pop star Sia says she’s on the spectrum. Do you think you’re autistic? Here are some signs

Acclaimed pop star Sia found herself in the middle of a negative publicity whirlwind in 2021, when her filmmaking debut “Music” was widely panned by both movie critics and autism activists for its perceived low quality and self-admitted “ableism.” (Full disclosure: I denounced the film at the time as both a movie critic and autism activist.)...

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