Hundreds of elephant seals dead as bird flu hits Antarctic, raising fears penguins could be next

In a further red flag for penguin populations in Antarctica, a new report reveals that hundreds of elephants seals have been found dead. While on the surface the two trends may seem unrelated, the chair of the Antarctic Wildlife Health Network, Dr. Meagan Dewar, told The Guardian on Friday that “at some sites we’ve had mass mortalities, where we are getting into the hundreds” when it comes to elephant seal populations....

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In a first, bird flu reaches Antarctica, threatening to wipe out tons of penguins and other birds

2023 has been a bad year for emperor penguins. In August, a study in the journal Communications Earth & Environment found that the loss of polar ice in Antarctica is likely to lead to a “catastrophic breeding failure” for penguins throughout Antarctica, eventually causing them to be unable to naturally sustain their own species by the end of the century....

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