Death toll from floods in Brazil reaches 83, with climate change viewed as a major driver

With one Brazilian official decrying it as “the worst disaster” in his state’s history, the recent floods in Rio Grande do Sul have claimed 83 lives at the time of this writing and scientists agree climate change was a culprit. The death toll is expected to rise.

The torrential downpour — which bombarded Rio Grande do Sul in just four days with more than 70 percent of all the rain it would normally get in the month of April — destroyed roads, left thousands without water and power and destroyed key infrastructure....

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Over 100 dolphins cooked in the Amazon river as climate change heats water to Jacuzzi temperatures

Jacuzzi-level temperatures of the Amazon River have killed more than 100 pink river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis) in Brazil over the past week after more than 120 carcasses were seen floating in Lake Tefé, which is connected to the Amazon River.

According to the Mamirauá Institute, a research facility funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, the dolphins’ deaths can likely be attributed to a historic drought and record-high water temperatures, which in some places have exceeded 102 degrees Fahrenheit — the same heat of a typical Jacuzzi....

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