Japanese study detects microplastics in clouds, potentially altering the climate

No one wants to imagine giant cloud filled with plastic raining crud water all over them. Unfortunately, that is increasingly becoming reality, according to a recent study published in the journal Environmental Chemistry Letters. A team of Japanese scientists analyzed cloud water sampled at Mount Fuij and other Japanese mountains summits from 1300 to 3776 meters in altitude to search for microplastics....

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The landscape in New York City is sinking, accelerating risk of sea level rise and flooding: study

As humans continue to dump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the resulting climate change causes sea levels to rise. Given that New York City is on average less than three yards above sea level, America’s largest metropolis is vulnerable to sea level rise, which will cause widespread flooding. Yet this process will be worsened by the vertical motion of the land itself, according to a recent study published in the peer reviewed journal Science Advances....

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Longest U.S. spaceflight record smashed thanks to space junk collision

Earth is encircled by millions of pieces of trash, called “space junk,” which orbit our planet and are the bane of astronomers’ existence. This garbage has had devastating impact on at least one American astronaut, Frank Rubio, who returned to Earth on Wednesday after space junk is suspected to have hit the International Space Station last year....

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NASA mission to return from asteroid as big as the Empire State Building that may one day hit Earth

On Sunday, September 24 at approximately 10:42 EST, a NASA mission known as OSIRIS-REx will return to Earth after having collected samples from an asteroid named Bennu. Some experts also predict that 159 years from now, there’s a good chance Bennu could collide with Earth.

Such an event would be extremely unlucky for life on this planet, with potential for catastrophic destruction....

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Hundreds of mink set loose in Pennsylvania, posing a potential public health threat

Hundreds of farmed mink are wandering through central Pennsylvania after escaping from a nearby fur farm, according to Pennsylvania State Police. Ever since, the escaped mink have been spotted everywhere in the region of Rockefeller Township: In the woods, on the road and under buildings. Local authorities originally claimed that between 6,000 and 8,000 mink escaped, but later revised their estimate....

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