From California to Greece to China, excessive water use and urbanization is collapsing the ground

A recent study in the journal Science analyzed dozens of Chinese cities, revealing that they’re slowly sinking. This phenomenon of the Earth’s surface literally being pushed down — technically known as land subsidence — is not limited to the tens of millions who will be impacted in China. From California to Greece, human activity is making the land under our feet more prone to subsiding than ever....

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Toxic sewage from Tijuana is causing a “public health crisis” on the border: report

A recent report by San Diego State University (SDSU) details a growing issue at the US-Mexico border: Untreated sewage and other unhygienic pollution is flowing from Mexico into the United States.

Describing this development as a “public health crisis,” SDSU’s School of Public Health describes how “untreated sewage, industrial waste and urban run-off” have severely contaminated the Tijuana River and Estuary (TJRE)....

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California’s extreme wildfires are triggering “fire whirls”

Thousands of acres are burning as of Wednesday from California and Oregon to Washington and the US-Canada border, all due to wildfires being exacerbated by climate change. Because humans are emitting greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels, we are exacerbating unprecedented extreme weather events like extreme wildfires.

As of Wednesday, California’s York fire has torched more than 82,000 acres of Mojave desert, including thousands of iconic Joshua trees....

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