Glyphosate, an herbicide linked to cancer, found in 98% of Ecudorian youth: study

A recent study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives reveals that nearly all of the adolescents living in the agricultural county of Pedro Moncayo, Ecuador (98%) have high concentrations of a common pesticide, glyphosate, in their urine. In addition, it found that 66.2% of the participants had an herbicide in their urine known as 2,4-D....

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Pesticides in the womb: New research shows how the Bhopal gas disaster is still destroying lives

If the victims were not impoverished, disempowered Indians, the Bhopal disaster would probably be on the lips of every human being alive to this day.

People who were in utero during the Bhopal disaster “report decades later to have higher rates of cancer, higher rates of disability precluding employment, and lower levels of education.


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A new study links 45 health problems to “free sugar.” Here’s what that means, and how to avoid it

“Sugar is bad for you” is an old health axiom, but the depths to which sugar can harm one’s body has perhaps not yet been fully tabulated. Indeed, according to a new study by the prestigious medical journal BMJ, sugar consumption is linked to 45 different ailments. Yes, you read that right: forty-five different health problems all exacerbated by or correlated with eating that sweet white powder....

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Joe Biden isn’t the first president to have secret cancer surgery — this one did it in 1893

Joe Biden is not the first president to have a secret cancer surgery.

At the time of this writing, the only confirmed facts are that a small lesion was discovered on President Biden’s skin — and that it was later found to have been cancerous. Specifically, it was a basal cell carcinoma (BCC), a common type of skin cancer with an excellent prognosis for recovery....

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Big Ag doesn’t want you to know about the connection between cancer and this common herbicide

It’s a tale of corporate malfeasance as old as time: corporation discovers herbicide. Corporation markets herbicide. Corporation discovers herbicide does far more than kill weeds, but attacks critics and whistleblowers ad nauseum to sweep it under the rug. 

This, according to Dr. Chadi Nabhan, is the story of glyphosate, an herbicide often marketed under the name Roundup and sold by the quart in hardware and lawn stores across the United States....

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