Free-ranging cats kill thousands of species — and some of them are endangered, study finds

Free-ranging cats are “invasive carnivores” and among “the most problematic invasive species in the world,” according to a recent study published in the journal Nature. Defining “free-ranging cats” as “owned or unowned cats with access to the outdoor environment,” researchers from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and France reviewed 533 studies on free-range cat diets to learn more about their impact on local ecosystems....

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Do animals feel shame or are they faking it? An expert unmasks what dogs and cats may really feel

Whether you’re a fan of dogs or not, chances are you’ve seen “dog shaming” online. It is the meme-able, viral trend of photographing one’s dog next to handwritten signs in which the pups “confess” to their real-life misdeeds. Such canine crimes include barking too loudly, biting strangers, eating remote controls, stealing cookies from children and peeing on a Virgin Mary statue....

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Is it ethical to eat octopuses? An acclaimed octopus expert and marine biologist weighs in

Whether grilled, on sushin or mixed into stir fry or ceviche, there are many ways to consume octopus. But given their well-known, almost human-like intelligence, it begs the question: is it ethical to eat eight-legged cephalopods?

“You can’t draw a sharp line of saying, ‘Well, I would eat a clam, but I never eat an octopus, and neither should anyone else,’ because there’s a continuum there.”


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