Is it ethical to eat octopuses? An acclaimed octopus expert and marine biologist weighs in

Whether grilled, on sushin or mixed into stir fry or ceviche, there are many ways to consume octopus. But given their well-known, almost human-like intelligence, it begs the question: is it ethical to eat eight-legged cephalopods?

“You can’t draw a sharp line of saying, ‘Well, I would eat a clam, but I never eat an octopus, and neither should anyone else,’ because there’s a continuum there.”


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EPA announces new pesticide protection measure applied to 27 animal species: Report

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Thursday that it is proposing a new slate of protections for 27 species that are most vulnerable to pesticide use. Among the lucky creatures to be covered by these regulations are an extremely rare two-inch toad from the Rocky Mountains, a beautiful wild chicken whose males sport orange or golden air sacs on their necks and a beetle that was controversially thrown under the bus by a notoriously anti-environmental former American president, Donald Trump....

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