Unsanitary and deadly: The Great Stink of 1858 may foreshadow our future climate breakdown

As Summer 2023 continues to shatter heat records, climate change experts are talking about a “new abnormal.” Studies indicate that ecosystems are likely to rapidly collapse as extreme weather events caused by these heatwaves pile up, one on top of the other. Sky high temperatures are rendering cities like Phoenix, Arizona into borderline uninhabitable heat domes....

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COVID-19 is just the beginning: Climate change is bringing a lot more diseases with it

In the hit HBO series “The Last of Us,”¬†humanity must battle a malevolent fungus that arises due to climate change and turns people into zombies. While “The Last of Us” is a science fiction thriller and its fungus could actually save the world rather than destroy it, the notion that climate change might cause pandemics or epidemics is hardly limited to fiction....

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