“The Day After Tomorrow” is one of the only true climate change films. Why do scientists hate it?

Like many successful screenwriters and directors, Jeffrey Nachmanoff resides in Southern California. As a result, Nachmanoff has lived through much of the extreme weather caused by climate change: record-breaking wildfires, surreal red skies, suffocating smoke and deadly heat waves.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that it feels apocalyptic,” Nachmanoff said about life in the Golden State....

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Heat waves have killed thousands this year???????. Experts say the worst could be yet to come

The ongoing heat wave gripping the Northern Hemisphere hasn’t just triggered triple-digit temperatures, but also a sizeable death toll. From India to Saudi Arabia to Massachusetts, many regions across the globe have buckled under extreme heat — but while such phenomena is normal during the summer months, the degree to which things are cooking is not....

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Climate change linked to brain damage in children — and poor kids are at greater risk

Perhaps the cruelest aspect of climate change is that it disproportionately impacts those least responsible for planet-cooking emissions, especially the poorest among us. Among many other things, experts predict that global heating will expose 70% of the working population to health risks and could ultimately kill roughly 1 billion people, most of them poor....

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John Kerry warns that Project 2025 would be “absolutely unimaginable and destructive”

During a sweltering rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 9, former President Donald Trump complained to his supporters about “sweating like a dog” in the triple-digit heat. Because climate change is breaking temperature records all over the world, one might have assumed that the aspiring leader’s next act would have been to express concern for the other people at his event....

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Florida soaked with epic rainstorms: Yep, it’s climate change

Days after being pummeled with eight inches of rainfall in only just hours — the kind of extreme downpour that supposedly occurs once every 500 years — South Florida continues to be deluged with historic storms and flooding.

The region of the state remains under a flood advisory on Friday after a series of storms dumped between eight and 20 inches of rain over large sections of Florida over the previous three days....

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