Is nuclear power a fix for climate change? Experts think it’s too dangerous

As the climate crisis grows worse every year, alternative energy options are increasingly important. Much recent debate has focused on nuclear energy, which has an understandably troubled reputation after the disasters at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima, and is further tarnished by its association with the devastating potential of nuclear weapons....

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Exxon CEO to world: Climate crisis isn’t our fault, now “pay the price”

As ExxonMobil pursues litigation against activist shareholders who seek to push the biggest of all Big Oil behemoths to tougher environmental standards, CEO Darren Woods knows who to blame for the worsening climate crisis. It’s not his company or its major competitors.

In a recent interview with Fortune, Woods argued that the oil industry is not primarily to blame for climate....

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“Nobody and nowhere will be safe”: Experts say we can’t hide from climate change

In science fiction movies that imagine a climate catastrophe, characters are often driven to flee disastrous conditions and retreat to a safer place to live. Whether the seeking a mysterious territory of Dryland in “Waterworld” or fleeing from all northern latitudes in “The Day After Tomorrow,” pop culture foregrounds the notion that one can somehow “run away” from climate change....

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