Experts explain what it really means to be “triggered” and how to navigate personal trauma

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a clinical psychologist who writes extensively about mental health topics, so when she uses the term “triggered,” it is not done flippantly — such as to complain that one was “triggered” by a woman’s ugly dress. She said that people who misuse the term “trigger” are “doing a disservice to people who are navigating life while managing recollections and reminders of prior traumas....

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Newly discovered margarita snail named for Jimmy Buffett is a delicious yellow — just don’t add salt

According to a recent study in the scientific journal PeerJ, a bright yellow snail unlike any other discovered species lives in the Florida Keys. It’s official name is Cayo margarita, which refers both to the type of small, low island where it lives and the bright yellow alcoholic drink that it so closely resembles....

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How much are volcanoes to blame for climate change? Far less than humans, experts say

The most iconic aspect of a volcanic eruption is the massive plume of smog that emits from its crater. Many greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, are included in this chaotic haze that can sometimes trigger dazzling lightning storms. Not surprisingly, this has an outsized impact on our climate. However, while it’s true that volcanoes contribute to climate change, that does not mean that our current climate change crisis — you know, the one that is driving a sixth mass extinction and shattering temperature records — is being caused by volcanoes alone....

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