Plot twister: A new test gauges Hollywood’s depictions of global warming. Will it make a difference?

Good feminists or adept film buffs may be familiar with the Bechdel Test, a metric for gauging female representation in film. Created by comic author Alison Bechdel in the 1980s, a movie has to meet three standards to pass: It must have at least two women in it, the women need to talk to each other and they should discuss something other than a man....

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This 25-year-old sci-fi disaster movie is still lauded by scientists — here’s why

In anticipation of the 25-year-anniversary of “Deep Impact,” Dr. Clark R. Chapman and his wife Y Chapman decided to rewatch the classic sci-fi disaster flick. Dr. Chapman is uniquely qualified to assess the movie’s merits: “Deep Impact” is about a comet the size of Mount Everest that is heading on a collision course with Earth, and Chapman is a planetary scientist for the B612 Foundation, a nonprofit which protects Earth from comets, asteroids and other near-Earth Objects (NEOs)....

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