“We’re all weirdos”: A new documentary explores how Americans got so anxious

Decades ago, anxiety was a niche diagnosis, something that few would openly admitted to. Now, anxiety permeates the culture like water — flowing outward from political and climate crises, from current events like the pandemic, and from economics (as in the term “economic anxiety“). To Gen Z, anxiety isn’t the exception — it’s the norm. ...

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Depressed? Experts say these “embarrassing,” “time-wasting” activities can make you feel better

When Dr. Heidi Kar was a psychologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, one of her patients was a veteran who refused to give up his gun — despite being so depressed that he had repeatedly tried to take his own life.

Today, Dr. Kar is the Principal Advisor for Mental Health, Trauma and Violence at Education Development Center (EDC)....

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How to deal with chronically stubborn people

The United States has reached unprecedented levels of political polarization, and the phenomenon seems to only be getting worse. Whatever bipartisan comity existed in the twentieth century seems to have largely evaporated; indeed, polling shows that Americans are even moving away from places where they feel their political views aren’t welcomed....

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