The hidden ways our car-obsessed culture is especially hard on disabled people

American culture is dominated by cars, so much that not driving or being unable to operate a vehicle can attract stigmatizing attitudes.

“Clarifying my inability to drive in a society focused on driving results in diverse responses, ranging from dismissive comments to inquiries about when I’ll learn to drive,” Ashley Glears told Salon, adding that “some may misunderstand, suggesting I’m ‘overthinking’ or ‘being lazy.'”...

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The woeful history of ADHD, the condition that once got you branded as “defective”

Speaking from experience, having ADHD is a bit like reading a book outside during a windy day. Despite your best attempts to concentrate, an elemental force beyond your control keeps flipping the pages. Instead of focusing on what you want to read, you struggle just to get back to the “right” page — and stay there long enough to absorb it....

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