A drug could allow some dogs to live longer lives, paving the way for similar medications for humans

In the early 1990s, an overgrown shaggy schlub of a St. Bernard named Beethoven won the hearts of millions of children with a pair of hit theatrical movies, the titularly titled “Beethoven” (1992) and “Beethoven’s 2nd” (1993). Tragically, the real-life Beethoven died shortly after the sequel was filmed, thereby inadvertently raising awareness about how St....

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This liberal president picked up his dog by the ears — and it outraged animal rights activists

President Lyndon B. Johnson is one of American history’s most enigmatic figures. Although he is rightly criticized for bungling the Vietnam War, he was also one of the most productive progressives to ever inhabit the White House. Thanks to his knack for parliamentary maneuvering, Johnson passed some of the most important liberal legislation in American history: the landmark civil rights laws of the 1960s, Medicare, Medicaid, consumer protections, federal funding to education and the arts and protecting the environment....

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What dogs do when humans are not around, according to experts

The human-dog bond is ancient: we have co-evolved together since before writing even existed. Our long cohabitation with dogs has granted both species a unique insight into the other’s feelings: dogs, for instance, know when you are looking into their eyes, unlike wolves and other animals. And, dogs can understand human language to some extent: one “Guiness”-worthy dog knows over 1,000 nouns. ...

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