Why climate change action requires “degrowth” to make our planet sustainable

Climate change truly is a major existential threat, one we’re clearly not addressing fast enough. But as individuals, there’s little we can do to stop it on a grand scale — it will require global cooperation to overcome. Nonetheless, the accompanying feelings of helplessness when faced with such a daunting crisis can make many feel paralyzed with despair....

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Humans are dangerously pushing the limits of our planet in ways other than climate change

Our planet is relatively massive, but it is a world of finite resources and we are quickly approaching our limits. The planetary boundaries framework establishes how safely humanity can operate within Earth’s biological and physical limitations before undermining our own ability to survive. This is why when burning fossil fuels causes global heating, scientists warn about the safe upper limits of climate change....

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How to prevent millions of violent bird deaths, caused by slamming into window panes

Anyone who has sit near a window may have experienced the startling moment when a bird smacks into it. Like the famous scene when a pelican’s crash startles a dentist into an inadvertent tooth-pull in “Finding Nemo,” it can seem cartoonishly silly when a gracefully soaring red-tailed hawk or empty-eyed dumpy pigeon abruptly stops and plops into a pane of glass....

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