Earth’s salt cycle is swinging out of balance, posing yet another “existential threat,” study finds

It is not pleasant to imagine that human activity is making the planet uninhabitable, but we typically think of this in terms of greenhouse gases, rising sea levels or acidifying the oceans. We aren’t typically concerned with how salty things are.

Yet a recent study published in the journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment identifies a wealth of industrial activities from construction and agriculture to water and road treatment as making the planet Earth too salty — literally....

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Ecosystem collapse could occur “surprisingly quickly”, study finds

On the heels of several consecutive record-breaking “hottest days ever,” it has become increasingly clear that there is an urgent need to address human-caused climate change. After all, a recent study published in the scientific journal PNAS revealed that the types of so-called compound drought and heatwaves that humanity is currently experiencing — these are known as CDHW events — are projected to become what co-author Dr....

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