Extremely rare wild jaguar spotted in Arizona

Recently released trail camera footage has apparently identified a live wild jaguar in Arizona, indications that an exceedingly rare species may be making a comeback. This is only the eighth individual jaguar conclusively identified in the American Southwest in the last three decades. This particular cat was differentiated from others through its unique pattern of rosettes, the spots found on jaguars, leopards and other wild feline species....

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Lawsuit seeks to protect threatened owls from being bulldozed by proposed Arizona highway

A nonprofit that specializes in protecting endangered species filed legal challenges with a US District Court on Thursday, accusing the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) of failing to comply with required environmental reviews. The Center for Biological Diversity alleges that, in their quest to build a 280-mile-long highway in Arizona, the FHA’s proposed Interstate 11 will destroy the habitat of one short and fluffy animal in particular: the yellow-eyed, brown-and-white feathered cactus ferruginous pygmy owl (Glaucidium brasilianum)....

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Wolverines listed as threatened species as climate change melts their habitat

Scientists have known for years that wolverines are threatened by climate change. They usually reside in Arctic and subarctic latitudes — and, when venturing south, they stick to high altitudes — because they rely on snowfall to survive. Female wolverines will only dig dens for their kits in the snow, and their bodies are acclimated to snowy environments....

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