Does healthy narcissism exist? Why experts say there are positives to this personality disorder

When most people picture a narcissist, we think of self-centered, awful people who lack empathy. But it’s a real mental disorder that is more than just an insufferable personality trait — and in some cases narcissism may even have some benefits.

Clinically speaking, narcissistic personality disorder is “a pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy,” according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders....

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Will climate change make our planet a desert? Why “uninhabitable” may be the wrong climate framework

As fall weather bleeds into winter, it can be hard to remember that humanity just experienced its hottest summer in recorded history. We now hear news of billion dollar climate disasters on a regular basis, whether it’s heatwaves or flash floods or wildfires. Of course, all these things happened before the Industrial Revolution, but the amount of heat we’ve added to the planet has supercharged these natural events, making them more destructive and more common....

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Is blue light actually harmful to your sleep? Why the science isn’t so clear on this popular belief

For anyone who cares about their so-called “sleep hygiene” — essentially good, deep, restful sleep — it has become conventional wisdom that blue light will wreck it. Blue light is often the wavelength of light produced by electronic devices like televisions, smart phones and computers. You know, the obsidian slabs we stare into at all hours of the day, even long after the sun has set....

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Suppressing negative emotions may actually benefit your mental heath, study finds

If you struggle with depression, it can be a challenge to imagine feeling better even for a minute. Yet a new study by scientists at the University of Cambridge found that there is a technique which consistently helps people combat their feelings of depression. Even three months after the 16 country-spanning experiment had ended, these patients often reported that their depression symptoms remained less than they had been before....

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