Were “alien mummies” really revealed in Mexico? Here’s what we know

On Tuesday, while testifying under oath in front of Mexico’s Congress, journalist and ufologist José Jaime Maussan Flota shocked the world with two boxes that he claimed contained the bodies of deceased extraterrestrial visitors. Not surprisingly, social media has been abuzz about these reports. Yet are they valid?

“They are beings, non-humans who are not part of our terrestrial evolution.”


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Humans are dangerously pushing the limits of our planet in ways other than climate change

Our planet is relatively massive, but it is a world of finite resources and we are quickly approaching our limits. The planetary boundaries framework establishes how safely humanity can operate within Earth’s biological and physical limitations before undermining our own ability to survive. This is why when burning fossil fuels causes global heating, scientists warn about the safe upper limits of climate change....

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Ape elbows and shoulders evolved differently than monkeys, allowing us to throw with precision

Mary Joy is an undergraduate student at Dartmouth University’s Department of Anthropology — and, additionally, is a climber and runner. Indeed, Joy’s athletic interests have fueled her scientific endeavors in at least one important way: They helped her develop a hypothesis about the evolution of shoulders, elbows and wrists in human beings....

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Bulldogs, pugs and other snout-less dogs will suffer as climate change worsens, experts warn

Bulldogs. Pugs. Boston terriers. French bulldogs. There is a term for these widely-loved pups who seem to lack snouts altogether, with their face instead appearing to have been smooshed in through years of inbreeding. That term is “brachycephalic,” derived from the Greek for “short head.”

Whether you adore these animals or think their very existence is inhumane (a controversial subject indeed), experts from both the dog worlds and the climatology world agree on one thing: Brachycephalic dogs are going to suffer a lot more as climate change worsens....

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“Forever chemicals” are everywhere: Here are the 6 products most likely to be in your home

When a person hears the term “forever chemicals,” it is unlikely that their immediate reaction is, “Yum! I want that inside my body!” Yet these so-called forever chemicals — technically known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as well as chemicals like bisphenols— are absolutely everywhere. It is a statistical certainty that a person reading this article has forever chemicals in their bloodstream, and perhaps in other tissues....

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