7 animals we could lose forever due to climate change

In 2022, the United Nations projected that roughly one million wild species were heading toward extinction due to human activity. Not all of these species are in danger of being wiped out due to climate change; pangolins, for instance, are also highly sought after for their meat and scales (used in traditional Chinese medicine), while sharks face problems because their fins are eaten, they are often caught by accident and they are misunderstood....

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This 25-year-old sci-fi disaster movie is still lauded by scientists — here’s why

In anticipation of the 25-year-anniversary of “Deep Impact,” Dr. Clark R. Chapman and his wife Y Chapman decided to rewatch the classic sci-fi disaster flick. Dr. Chapman is uniquely qualified to assess the movie’s merits: “Deep Impact” is about a comet the size of Mount Everest that is heading on a collision course with Earth, and Chapman is a planetary scientist for the B612 Foundation, a nonprofit which protects Earth from comets, asteroids and other near-Earth Objects (NEOs)....

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