Greta Thunberg on trial in London following arrest for protests that blocked oil conference

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg is on trial in London this week for allegedly refusing to comply with police orders at a protest in 2023. According to prosecutors who appeared at the Westminster magistrates court on Thursday, Thunberg and four other protesters “fail[ed] to comply with a condition imposed under section 14 of the Public Order Act” when they refused to stop protesting after law enforcement told them to do so during the event last year....

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“Striking back hard”: Climate change protesters on how fossil fuel companies try to squash dissent

What does Dr. Kush Naker, a 33-year-old doctor of infectious diseases from London, share in common with 61 protesters currently facing racketeering charges in Georgia for protesting a planned 85-acre police training facility through an Atlanta forest?

Both were upheld by climate activists as an example of “egregious” ways in which the law has come down especially hard on those protesting humanity’s self-destructive over-reliance on fossil fuels....

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As nature ignites, wildfires are becoming more common. Here’s how we must adapt to our fiery future

If you’ve never had to flee a wildfire, the idea can seem like something out of a disaster film. But as the climate gets warmer, thanks to humans burning fossil fuels, wildfires are becoming larger and more common. Earlier this summer, millions of people in North America awoke to orange skies and blankets of smog from Canadian wildfire smoke that was drifting thousands of miles away....

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Should we pay people to take care of nature? A possible solution to the mass extinction crisis

Approximately one million species currently face extinction because of human activity. Even for humans who do not value nature for its own sake, the impending wave of extinctions is a serious crisis. One out of five people rely on wild species for their jobs or for food, and billions more use wood for cooking and other day-to-day activities....

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Fracking caused the biggest earthquake in Alberta’s history, seismologist says

Last November the Canadian province of Alberta experienced the largest earthquake in its recorded history. Shortly thereafter a geologist from the University of Calgary claimed that the series of seismic events — which registered a 5.6 on the Richter scale as it rattled homes down to their bones and knocked residents to their knees — told a local publication that the earthquake was “probably natural....

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