Silicon mountain: Our obsession with electronics is drowning the world in e-waste

Whether it’s for work, school or keeping up with friends and family, we all rely on electronic devices for our daily lives. It’s likely you are reading this article from a device that uses a battery or plug. Unfortunately, our phones and laptops contain some toxic elements and when they break or become obsolete, where they end up next can have big impacts on the environment....

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Locust swarms will intensify with climate change, threatening food security, study finds

There’s a good reason locusts are considered plague-worthy. Despite their size, swarms of these insects can cause considerable damage by shredding plant life to bits like ravenous piranhas.. The bugs destroyed millions of American lives during the so-called “Dust Bowl” of the 1930s and caused massive hardship in East Africa from 2019 to 2020 — perhaps the authors of the Exodus were right to vilify the notoriously gluttonous insects....

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Climate change can make some people feel hopeless. Here’s what can be done about it

Given the existential stakes of climate change, it makes sense to feel afraid or depressed about the future of the environment. And it can be easy to feel alone when experiencing climate change-related depression. If a person is suffering through a drought, noticing temperatures are warmer than normal and observing the loss of local animal life, that individual can easily succumb to despair....

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