Drug that regrows teeth to be tested in humans this September

Losing your teeth is one of many folks’ greatest fears and is fodder for many disturbing nightmares. Replacing lost teeth is yet another dreadful experience, not just because visiting the dentist can be uncomfortable, but also due to the high cost and often invasive nature of such oral procedures.

But someday a drug could change that, making it easy to regrow one’s teeth just like a lost fingernail or your hair....

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Medical marijuana patients don’t experience negative cognitive effects when used as directed: study

All drugs have side effects, including medical marijuana; the question is whether or not these side effects are manageable or outweighed by the benefits of the drug. For example, ibuprofen can cause liver damage, but used as directed, it’s very rarely going to cause harm. When it comes to cannabis, however, there is still a prevailing stigma that the “medical” part is just a euphemism and that the drug can cause significant cognitive impairment....

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Trauma seems to be passed down genetically — but experts still aren’t sure what that means

Trauma is an experience so harrowing that it can alter our gene expression — and in some cases, these changes can be passed down to future generations. But if the traumas experienced by our parents, grandparents and other ancestors can be directly transmitted to us through our genes — and presumably, we pass down our own psychological residue to our kids — what does that mean exactly?...

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