Yes, loneliness really is as deadly as smoking — here’s why

The fabric of American society — our car-centric city design, our predilection for single-family homes and our self-reliant culture — seems engineered to engender loneliness. COVID-19 didn’t help: during the pandemic, millions experienced real trauma due to the social isolation imposed during the lockdowns. Despite these easily observable realities, however, there nevertheless persists in our culture a tendency to view “loneliness” as an individual problem, not a public health problem (and therefore a social problem)....

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“We’re all weirdos”: A new documentary explores how Americans got so anxious

Decades ago, anxiety was a niche diagnosis, something that few would openly admitted to. Now, anxiety permeates the culture like water — flowing outward from political and climate crises, from current events like the pandemic, and from economics (as in the term “economic anxiety“). To Gen Z, anxiety isn’t the exception — it’s the norm. ...

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A shocking lawsuit says Tylenol caused birth defects. It’s possible — but the science isn’t settled

The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of Tylenol, is in the hot seat as it faces more than 100 lawsuits from families alleging that the ubiquitous pain relief medication can cause autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders in unborn children when taken by pregnant women. 

The claims, if proven, would be a shocking twist for acetaminophen, the generic name of the drug in Tylenol, which is on a short list of medicines considered “essential” by the World Health Organization....

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The woeful history of ADHD, the condition that once got you branded as “defective”

Speaking from experience, having ADHD is a bit like reading a book outside during a windy day. Despite your best attempts to concentrate, an elemental force beyond your control keeps flipping the pages. Instead of focusing on what you want to read, you struggle just to get back to the “right” page — and stay there long enough to absorb it....

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Supreme Court extends deadline for major abortion case, suggesting lack of unanimity in opinion

On Tuesday the Supreme Court announced that it might need until the end of this week to decide the fate of mifepristone, a drug that comes in the form of a pill used by millions to terminate early pregnancies. Their ruling could result in the ban of the drug, which would mean that medication abortions would be de facto outlawed in the United States....

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