What climate change deniers get totally wrong about the Little Ice Age

When we typically think of an ice age, the first thing that comes to mind is often prehistoric humans hunting wooly mammoths or battling saber-toothed tigers. Technically, an ice age is a prolonged period of colder climates when polar and mountain ice sheets are unusually extensive across the earth’s surface and on geological timescales, they happen regularly....

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Abe Lincoln, pig torturer? While he admitted to incredible cruelty, the answer isn’t that simple

Abraham Lincoln referred to it as “the ludicrous incident of sewing up the hogs eyes.”

“As a youngster he shot a wild turkey and was so disgusted he claimed he never again raised a weapon to kill an animal.”

The story comes from a short autobiography that the future president co-authored for his 1860 election campaign....

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This liberal president picked up his dog by the ears — and it outraged animal rights activists

President Lyndon B. Johnson is one of American history’s most enigmatic figures. Although he is rightly criticized for bungling the Vietnam War, he was also one of the most productive progressives to ever inhabit the White House. Thanks to his knack for parliamentary maneuvering, Johnson passed some of the most important liberal legislation in American history: the landmark civil rights laws of the 1960s, Medicare, Medicaid, consumer protections, federal funding to education and the arts and protecting the environment....

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