New study reveals the icy, cold climate of Mars’ past, with implications for life

If life exists on alien worlds, scientists expect that the worlds in question would have certain basic properties. There would be carbon, an element essential to the creation of organic molecules. The world will include enough water for the life to flourish, and the environment will stay within an acceptable range of temperatures (-15º C to 115º C)....

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A new documentary presents devastation from climate change from the perspective of animals

Summer 2023 is officially the hottest summer on record, while freak storms and rising sea levels are all around us. But we often only think of these impacts in terms of how they affect humans, such as how many billions of dollars in damages hurricanes or wildfires cause. A new documentary takes a different approach, with a specific eye toward how animals are reacting to climate change....

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Will glaciers go “extinct” in our lifetime? Here’s what a future without polar ice would look like

July 2023 was officially the hottest month in recorded history — and, as such, was a regrettable milestone in the history of climate change. Scientists lamented the “new abnormal” that made itself apparent throughout that month, one that included extreme weather events like wildfires, tropical storms and freakishly scorching heatwaves....

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