Poll finds fewer Americans are concerned about climate change

Even though humans are experiencing the hottest months in recorded human history, and scientists warn our species is living on “borrowed time,” a recent poll found a notable dip in the number of people who view climate change as an urgent issue. 

In the latest poll by Monmouth University, less than half (46%) of the American public perceives global heating as being a very serious problem....

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Why the price of chocolate exploded: How climate change drives inflation

When you blend raw cocoa with sugar, it yields one of the most universally desired products on the planet, whether as part of a candy bar at the corner store or a high-end artisanal chocolate at a price point many times higher. But there’s a problem: The cocoa beans indispensable to making real chocolate have become increasingly expensive, with the price rising by 136% between July 2022 and February 2024....

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