Why billionaire Tom Steyer argues capitalism is the best tool to fight climate change

It may be unusual to hear the ultra-rich argue for increasing government regulation of the economy, but billionaire Tom Steyer believes such a thing is necessary to stop the onslaught from climate change. Steyer may be best known for his longtime investment in climate solutions, as well as his decision in 2012 to step away from a highly successful investment fund he had founded....

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Why climate change action requires “degrowth” to make our planet sustainable

Climate change truly is a major existential threat, one we’re clearly not addressing fast enough. But as individuals, there’s little we can do to stop it on a grand scale — it will require global cooperation to overcome. Nonetheless, the accompanying feelings of helplessness when faced with such a daunting crisis can make many feel paralyzed with despair....

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Thanks to a genetic breakthrough, a rare rhino species may be rescued from extinction

As humans continue to encroach on our planet, we are driving a mass extinction that some experts call a “biological holocaust.” As more and more species die, it creates more and more genetic bottlenecks, which make animal and plant survival even more difficult.

Take for example the white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum), which can be divided into two sub-species that are genetically very similar — but one is relatively thriving while the other is on the brink of extinction....

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Climate disinformation is on the rise. Here’s how to fight back

When a pair of climate change-deniers spread lies about climate scientist Michael Mann, he sued his attackers and actually won, after a jury awarded him a $1 million settlement in February.

When the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Rand Simberg and the National Review’s Mark Steyn wrote a pair of blog posts about Mann in 2012, they made two defamatory claims: First they falsely accused Mann of manipulating data in his famous “hockey stick graph” depicting the rapid increase in Earth’s temperature due to burning fossil fuels, and then they baselessly compared Mann to notorious child molester Jerry Sandusky, writing that he “molested and tortured data” and was “the Jerry Sandusky of climate science.”...

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The Endangered Species Act is 50 years old — and without it humanity may go extinct, scholar says

The Endangered Species Act celebrates its 50th birthday in December 2023, and there is good reason for environmentalists to cheer its legacy. Later described by the Supreme Court as “the most comprehensive legislation for the preservation of endangered species enacted by any nation,” the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has helped protect iconic animals like humpback whales, sea otters, whooping cranes and West Indian manatees....

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