“Let there be light!” James Webb discovers ancient galaxies that gave our universe its first glow

While the James Webb Space Telescope is a secular achievement, the pioneering telescope nevertheless conjured up that Biblical imagery of “Let there be light!” with its most recent revelation: There could have been hundreds of ancient galaxies at the universe’s beginning, instead of only a handful, and we can still see some of that light that shone at the time....

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The Webb telescope may have discovered six galaxies that shouldn’t exist

The universe is full of mysteries, but its age isn’t one of them. That’s because the universe left behind a huge number of clues as to its age — including the observed age of the oldest stars; the rate of expansion of the universe; and the background heat of the universe, which hints at how long it’s been since it cooled off from the Big Bang....

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The 7 most spectacular images from the James Webb Space Telescope’s first year

Little more than a week had passed since Independence Day celebrations, but the crowd that had gathered at NASA’S Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland was as excited as any audience at a fireworks display. They were there because the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a technological marvel that had been launched in the previous December, had finally sent back remarkably beautiful and detailed images of the universe....

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