The Justice Department is suing Apple over its alleged iPhone monopoly

The Justice Department sued tech giant Apple on Thursday, kicking off a potential historic antitrust battle. The lawsuit alleges that Apple’s ecosystem of products are designed to limit competition and put consumers at a disadvantage. “Each step in Apple’s course of conduct built and reinforced the moat around its smartphone monopoly,” the authors write....

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Joe Biden says climate-change deniers are “Neanderthals” — that’s not fair to Neanderthals

President Biden described climate change deniers as “Neanderthals” during a speech on Thursday in Brownsville, Texas, near the U.S.-Mexico border. Fox News and other conservative media appears to be depicting this as an unacceptable insult — but perhaps it was most unfair to the Neanderthals.

“I’ve been helicopters in the West, in the Southwest and Northwest, flown over more land burned to the ground, all the vegetation gone, than the entire state of Maryland,” Biden told his audience, partly referring to the wildfires now raging in Texas....

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Is Biden taking climate change seriously? Here’s why some experts want him to declare an emergency

When it comes to climate change, everything is trending in the wrong direction. Summer 2023 was the hottest ever recorded in human history. Study after study shows that climate change is warming the planet to unsustainable levels. It has already baked intense storms, extreme heat and desperate droughts into humanity’s future....

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Biden is once again providing Americans with free COVID-19 tests. Here’s how to get yours

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on, with cases rising or plateauing, President Joe Biden announced that his administration will provide all Americans with a means of monitoring their infection status: On Wednesday the president declared that his administration is setting aside $600 million for the manufacturing and distribution of new at-home COVID-19 tests....

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