This Jewish high holiday is good for your mental health: Yom Kippur and the value of atonement

According to the Torah — for gentiles, the first five books of the so-called Hebrew Bible — Jews celebrate the holiday Yom Kippur to honor the anniversary of when God forgave them. The story begins after the great exodus from Egypt, one which Biblical legend says occurred after the Jews had been enslaved there for generations....

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Suppressing negative emotions may actually benefit your mental heath, study finds

If you struggle with depression, it can be a challenge to imagine feeling better even for a minute. Yet a new study by scientists at the University of Cambridge found that there is a technique which consistently helps people combat their feelings of depression. Even three months after the 16 country-spanning experiment had ended, these patients often reported that their depression symptoms remained less than they had been before....

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Many young people are devastated by climate change. But from despair springs action, study suggests

When speaking with Salon in 2021, twenty-six-year-old climate activist Kidus Girma expressed anxiety about the future of the planet — but, at the same time, some hope that he might be able to play a tiny part in making things better.

“I’m thinking about what we need as human beings, and what my small role in that is, and what the big role is for all of us,” Girma told Salon at the time....

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The subtle cue that can reveal whether someone is a narcissist

In Greek mythology, Narcissus is a vain young man who falls in love with his own reflection. Clinically speaking, narcissistic personality disorder is the figurative equivalent of that famous story: A narcissist places themselves on a high pedestal and engage in toxic behavior as a result. Hence, narcissists are typically chronically stubbornentitled and envious, and/or oversensitive to criticism....

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That friend who can’t stop interrupting you? It might not be their fault

While wealthy celebrities like Paris Hilton may refer to ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) as a “superpower,” many find the condition to be more debilitating than empowering. Indeed, ADHD can make it seem as if you are not in control of your own mind. As someone with ADHD, I frequently feel as if my brain is a television set where a stranger is holding the remote; even if I want to stay on one channel, I have to struggle with a force that may change the programming against my will....

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