Climate change can make some people feel hopeless. Here’s what can be done about it

Given the existential stakes of climate change, it makes sense to feel afraid or depressed about the future of the environment. And it can be easy to feel alone when experiencing climate change-related depression. If a person is suffering through a drought, noticing temperatures are warmer than normal and observing the loss of local animal life, that individual can easily succumb to despair....

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Trauma seems to be passed down genetically — but experts still aren’t sure what that means

Trauma is an experience so harrowing that it can alter our gene expression — and in some cases, these changes can be passed down to future generations. But if the traumas experienced by our parents, grandparents and other ancestors can be directly transmitted to us through our genes — and presumably, we pass down our own psychological residue to our kids — what does that mean exactly?...

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Experts explain what it really means to be “triggered” and how to navigate personal trauma

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a clinical psychologist who writes extensively about mental health topics, so when she uses the term “triggered,” it is not done flippantly — such as to complain that one was “triggered” by a woman’s ugly dress. She said that people who misuse the term “trigger” are “doing a disservice to people who are navigating life while managing recollections and reminders of prior traumas....

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