Organic compounds found on asteroid and meteorite challenge ideas of where organic molecules formed

Carbon is often referred to as “the bedrock of life” because the element appears in all known life forms. This is because the sixth entry on the periodic table has the unique ability to form the complex molecules needed to form so-called “organic” matter. As such, when scientists search for signs of life beyond Earth, one of the first things they do is search for organic compounds — that is, matter which has carbon and could therefore support life....

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Most dinosaurs were killed by climate change, not a meteorite, new study suggests

Perhaps the most famous thing about the dinosaurs is the giant space rock that seemingly killed them. Also known as the Chicxulub impact, or the K-Pg event, most people are familiar with the major crash roughly 66 million years ago after a comet or asteroid collided with our planet.

It was one of the most violent upheavals in Earth’s entire 4 billion year history....

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