Climate change denial hit its stride in the Bush-Cheney era, precipitating today’s climate disaster

Once upon a time, the mainstream Republican Party did not deny the reality of climate science and even saw the environment as something to be valued and protected, not exploited.

“They staged a coup… the fox was now guarding the hen house from that point forward. Energy and environmental policy, and the Republican Party, was controlled by polluters and they would not look back.”


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This controversial sci-fi blockbuster about climate change still polarizes scientists today

At the start of the third act of the 2004 sci-fi disaster flick “The Day After Tomorrow,” teenager and academic decathlon participant Laura Chapman shares her deep feelings of despair with her boyfriend Sam Hall.

“Everything I’ve ever cared about, everything I’ve worked for… has all been preparation for a future that no longer exists,” Laura (Emmy Rossum) tells Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) as she shivers due to combo of a recent blood infection and an apocalyptic snowstorm....

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The first climate change candidate: Inside Al Gore’s oddly prescient 1988 presidential run

The United States quietly hit a political tipping point some time in the 2010s, although few noticed at the time. That was the decade in which a majority of Americans polled said that climate change was really happening. Today, as many as 72 percent of Americans agree that climate change is real, according to the Yale Climate Opinion Map. ...

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