Joe Biden says climate-change deniers are “Neanderthals” — that’s not fair to Neanderthals

President Biden described climate change deniers as “Neanderthals” during a speech on Thursday in Brownsville, Texas, near the U.S.-Mexico border. Fox News and other conservative media appears to be depicting this as an unacceptable insult — but perhaps it was most unfair to the Neanderthals.

“I’ve been helicopters in the West, in the Southwest and Northwest, flown over more land burned to the ground, all the vegetation gone, than the entire state of Maryland,” Biden told his audience, partly referring to the wildfires now raging in Texas....

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Oldest ever Neanderthal art illuminated in new study

Neanderthals are popularly regarded as the large and stupid cousins of humans who lack our intellectual sophistication. After all, they went extinct — we didn’t (at least not yet.) Despite decades of archaeological research debunking the idea that our ancient relatives were the black sheep of our collective primate family, this disparaging anti-Neanderthal notion persists....

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