This summer could be even hotter than last year, climate scientists warn

Marine scientist Sharon Gray lives on a catamaran off the Florida west coast. Even though her state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, recently signed a controversial law that effectively wipes references to climate change out of the state’s statutes, Gray deeply worries about global heating. As the cyclical La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific combines with rising sea surface temperatures (SST), Gray predicts a “devastating” hurricane will occur in summer 2024....

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The world’s oceans just broke on an important climate change record

As climate change worsens, experts anticipate worsened tropical storms, more frequent wildfiresrising sea levels and shortages of important products like food and microchips. Humanity needs every break that it can get in offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions causing this overheating, which is why a recent report from the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Service raises such concern: It reveals that global heating has fueled such massive overheating in the world’s oceans that over the past year they broke temperature records every single day....

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