New tech simulates having an octopus arm

The eldritch, alien movements of octopus arms have captivated people for generations. These underwater cephalopods don’t have just one brain but nine, with each of their arms able to act semi-independently. These movements are technically called “bend propagation,” a flexible motion that travels like a wave through to the tip before wrapping around the octopus’ prey....

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Is it ethical to eat octopuses? An acclaimed octopus expert and marine biologist weighs in

Whether grilled, on sushin or mixed into stir fry or ceviche, there are many ways to consume octopus. But given their well-known, almost human-like intelligence, it begs the question: is it ethical to eat eight-legged cephalopods?

“You can’t draw a sharp line of saying, ‘Well, I would eat a clam, but I never eat an octopus, and neither should anyone else,’ because there’s a continuum there.”


Originally posted on salon.com